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HCA120 is a transparent and highly permeable protective liquid prepared by compounding highly reactive inorganic solution and silicone component. After brushing or spraying on the surface, it gives a good waterproof and breathable effect. When drenched the coated surface with water, water beading effect will form indicating water impermeability. This product can penetrate into the cement-based matrix to react, enhance the matrix compactness, and last for a long time.

Application Scope:
Suitable for protection and anti-seepage treatment of kitchen, bathroom, balcony, concrete surfaces, cement mortar, wood, interior wall and etc.
Product Features:
- Adhesion: Excellent adhesion, only can apply on dry surface
- Ease of application: Ready to use and easy to apply by spray/brush
- Eco-friendly: Water based and non-hazardous
- Air breathable yet waterproof

Recommended Dosage:
50g - 100g/ m2

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