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Ufixx Glaze & Seal is a special penetrating acrylic sealer which forms a glossy, colourless and non-yellowing hard protective surface barrier on concrete bricks, slates, paves, stones, terra cota tiles and cement renders. 
Ufixx Glaze & Seal acts as a weatherproof sealer, prevents dirt penetration and reduces maintenance. It also protects from atmospheric chemical reaction, discolouration and gives a new clean Anti-Slip surface.
Product Benefits:
* Quick drying  effect
* Is easy to use
* Using a brush, long neck roller or low-pressure spray, apply evenly with steady even strokes
* For normal applications apply 2 coats, however 3 coats may be required for every porous surfaces. Suggest 2-3 hours for recoating at 30°C.
* For recoating areas, scrub area with detergents to remove dirt and flush with clean water. Allow to dry for 2-3 days before recoating.

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